Trip 4 – From the South to the North


Törn 4 -

Take in each and every facet of Croatia’s beauty, from Dubrovnik to the Kornati Islands

With its turquoise waters, myriad islands to explore, and beautiful bays and beaches, Croatia truly is the Eldorado for yachting enthusiasts everywhere. Here at Splendid Yachting, we’ve been committed to providing unforgettable Adriatic holidays with peerless service since 2014.


Utterly enchanting and undeniably iconic, the view of Old Town Dubrovnik has to be among the most renowned vistas not only in Croatia, but in the entire Mediterranean. Due to the fact that so few cities can boast such a wondrous location – on a rocky coastline above the sea – and even fewer possess medieval stone walls and pristinely-preserved fortresses, Dubrovnik is a bonafide must-see for all who visit Croatia. The pearl of the Adriatic was an important sea power in the Mediterranean from the 13th century. Despite being badly damaged by a devastating earthquake in 1667, the city has successfully preserved its spectacular churches, monasteries, places and foundations, displaying masterful examples of Gothic, Baroque, and Renaissance architecture.

In Korcula, you’ll uncover its evocative and unique ‘herringbone’ street layout, and yet more exquisitely-preserved Gothic and Renaissance buildings. There’s also the chance to visit the house of the Polo family, home of the great adventurer Marco Polo.

Törn 4 -


Lush Mediterranean landscapes, a rich cultural and historical heritage, and a glamorous location for all manner of tourist activities; the town of Hvar truly has it all.
Imbued with Mediterranean beauty and joie-de-vivre, and surrounded by the beautiful sparkling sea, Hvar is an inexhaustible treasure trove of nature, atmosphere, and adventure. Today, it is central to Croatia’s island tourism, and has become one of the top spots to visit on the Dalmatian Riviera.

Törn 2 -


Vis is the most remote island in Central Dalmatia. Renowned for its clear waters and fascinating underwater realms – rich in shipwrecks and wondrous flora and fauna – Vis offers no shortage of hidden bays, oases of calm, and a true paradise for intrepid seafarers.

Vis itself is a historical monument, perfectly preserved, and a chance to step back in time. You’ll discover the remains of the ancient city of Issa, Roman baths, the Necropolis of Issa, Tito’s cave, and a plethora of beautiful summer houses and churches. As you explore the town, you’ll see why it is such a popular spot for sailors; the bay is calm and wide, and the perfect place to drop anchor.

Törn 4 -


Today you’ll head to the bays of Solta – a collection of tiny kingdoms of idyllic sea and tranquil beauty, which offer the epitome of Dalmatian charm. The Solta beaches have retained their unrivalled natural beauty, and offer all the peace and relaxation that make them the island’s greatest asset. Maslinica roots itself firmly in tradition, and as such, provides a glimpse of a coastal region without the noise and development that tourism all too often brings in its wake.

While there are smaller and more remote beaches in the bay of Tepli Bok, the best thing about this village is that no matter which bay you choose to spend your time in, you’re sure to find the perfect secluded spot in which to swim and relax!

You’ll end the day at Martinis Marchi. This hotel, marina, and restaurant complex is located in the stunning historic castle of Maslinica, providing an awe-inspiring sense of grandeur and escapism. You cannot help but be impressed and swept away by the views of the turquoise waters, and the rich landscape dotted with olive trees. It’s a place to breathe, unwind, and let go of every care.

Törn 1 -


After a peaceful night’s sleep, it’s time to sail on to the city of Split. This ever-youthful and vibrant city has been pulsing with life and the bustle of its own rhythm for 1,700 years, and today, 200,000 people call it home. You’ll have the opportunity to explore Diocletian’s Palace – the veritable heart of the historic centre, and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. However, this is far from the only treasure that Split has to offer.

The city’s verdant soul can be found on Marjan Hill, a tranquil forest park not far from the city. It’s the ideal place to take a stroll and soak up the warmest part of the northern Mediterranean, right in the centre of the Adriatic coast. No matter where your desires take you in Split, you’re sure to uncover its unique and unforgettable charm, and understand why it has become a must-see tourist destination at any time of year.

Destination Kroatien


Today, you’ll begin the morning with an indulgent breakfast at Konoba Žakan, before casting off to explore Kornati National Park and the island of Kornat at your leisure. With many small bays lining the island, there’s ample opportunity for swimming, and once you’ve refreshed your senses, you’ll head towards the mainland and the island of Murter.

Once anchored safely at Marina Hramina, you’ll take a leisurely lunch at Boba, a restaurant hidden away from the marina near the Old Town, where plenty of specialities of the region are available to enjoy – the fish dishes and tuna carpaccio are simply unmissable! For those on the hunt for a more exclusive dining option, we’d recommended mooring your yacht directly at the in-house pier of Fabro, a gourmet restaurant famed for its stunning menu and beautiful wine collection.

Die Perle an der Adria


Small, picturesque, and perfect for soothing the senses and healing the spirit, Skradin is located where the Krka River passionately embraces the sea. Somewhere on the border between dreams and reality, Skradin is a perfect example of what this part of the world does better than any other. Those interested in history and engineering will be delighted to discover that Skradin is home to Europe’s first hydroelectric power station, which opened in 1895 (the same time as Tesla’s famous example at Niagara Falls), but there’s so much more to explore and plenty to do at this wondrous site. Top of the list is Krka National Park, home to seven awe-inspiring waterfalls, including the renowned Skradinski Buk, the largest and most spectacular of them all.

As you wander through the park, you’ll discover beautiful natural vistas, as well as plenty of cultural and historical monuments. Perhaps most impressive is the Franciscan monastery on the tiny island of Visovac, which sits in the middle of a lake that widens the river like a sparkling gem. There are more ancient ruins on the hills above the river, perfect for intrepid explorers to uncover, and a collection of historic mills which have been converted into museums showcasing the islands’ history.

Törn 4 -
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