Discover Thrilling Aquatic Toys


Limitless Fun on the Waves

What could be better than anchoring your yacht in a beautiful bay, and enjoying exciting adventures with friends and family? Discover our stunning array of aquatic toys for the perfect adrenaline-fuelled addition for your trip.

RADINN Jetboards

Glide across the waves at speeds of up to 65 km/h on an electric jetboard from Radinn, and experience an unparalleled thrill and peerless sense of freedom.

€ 840 / Week
Water Toys in Kroatien

Seadoo Jet Skis

Nothing compares to the power and breathtaking action of a jet ski, providing all the horsepower you need to make the most of your surroundings.

€ 1260 / Week
Seadoo Jetskis

SUP Boards

Hugely popular and suitable for young and old alike, SUP boards provide the perfect sporting activity for your yachting vacation.

€ 180 / Week
SUP boards

Seabob E-Jet

Whether you want to try snorkelling, diving, or gliding powerfully through the water like a dolphin (or James Bond, for that matter), a Seabob is the perfect adrenaline-fuelled companion.

€ 840 / Week
Seabob e-Jets

Tube Rings

Everyone loves a tube ring – they’re the perfect choice for lazing on the waves, catching some sunshine, or being pulled along the water for a high-speed adventure!

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Tube rings